Karley Kozlowski

7.5 US
Light Red

Karley Kozlowski, originally hailing from Reston, Virginia, and raised in the suburbs of Ashburn, Virginia, possesses a unique quality that distinguishes her in the modeling world—an unwavering commitment to staying true to her worth.

Karley’s lifelong fascination with fashion and modeling began at a young age, making it an integral part of her identity. She vividly recalls her early days, sitting in front of the television, enthralled by the world of Project Runway, all the while sketching her own fashion designs. This passion extended beyond her sketches as she organized impromptu fashion shows with her friends, leaving no doubt about her calling in the industry.

As a model, Karley finds immense joy in breathing life into the creative visions of designers. She revels in the opportunity to embody various characters and personas, becoming a living canvas through which fashion comes to life. Beyond her personal aspirations of globe-trotting and collaborating with admired designers and brands, Karley is equally motivated to advocate for greater inclusivity in the modeling world, particularly championing diverse body types on the runway. Her ambitions transcend personal success, aiming to bring about positive change in the fashion industry. Under the guidance and support of Dash Talents, Karley Kozlowski reached a significant milestone in her modeling journey by gracing the runway at the Next Frontier In Fashion event, showcasing designer Cindy Castro’s creations during NYFW S/S 2024. This achievement underscored her unwavering determination to excel in the competitive realm of fashion and her commitment to collaborating with gifted designers and inspiring brands. Karley’s dedication to her craft and her passion for instigating positive change within the industry are evident in her accomplishments and her future aspirations.