Sponsored Clients

Dash Talents sponsors certain clients who uses their platform to help provide a better world.  Sponsorship comes in many forms including but not limited to Service, Support, Financial Assistance, etc.

Advocacy and Awareness for Adults with Autism

Victoria Chuah was serving as Miss Arlington as part of the Miss America Organization and has recently been crowned as Miss Virginia. She recently graduated with her Master’s Degree in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh along with her bachelors degree in only 4 years. Victoria’s mission is to raise advocacy and awareness for adults with autism, inspired by her younger brother Luke who has autism.

The Righteous Life Rescue Rance

Matt Perella is a United States veteran, a former SGT in the Marine Corps, who is setting a world record by crossing the United States on a horse with a dog walking alongside him, known as The Three Amigos.  The goal of the walk is to raise money for The Righteous Life Rescue Ranch which will help veterans with PTSD and rescue retired horses and dogs with aggression.