Video by Noel Calubaquib, Interview by Yelena Scheidler

Richmond, Virginia is a hub for fashion and beauty, and the city’s Fashion Week is a highly anticipated event in the industry. Models come to Richmond to showcase their talent and walk the runway for some of the most hip designers.

Recently, Dash Talents conducted interviews with both new and established models to get a sense of their thoughts and feelings about the upcoming RVAFW casting calls. The models expressed a mix of excitement and nervousness about the process, but they all agreed on one thing: this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they were dedicated to show the judges their skills.


Video and photography by Noel Calubaquib

The castings are a long process, and the models must be at their best in terms of physical appearance, poise, and confidence. The casting panel was looking for models with unique looks, strong walking skills, and the ability to showcase the clothing in the best possible light. The RVAFW Casting panel included agencies and scouts including Noel Calubaquib, RoRo Yone, and Yelena Scheidler of Dash Talents,   Misty James of James Talent Group, Kim Alley, Chelsea and Kenny Cushing of AF Talent Management.  The key decision makers included Executive Directors Ryan Azia and Chanel Nelson, Model Coach Brickell French, and Logistics Director Kristin Dukes.

For new models, the castings are a chance to make a first impression and secure a spot in one of the most sought-after fashion events in the country. It is a nerve-wracking experience, but it is also a chance for them to showcase their talent and prove themselves to the industry.

Existing models, on the other hand, have the advantage of experience, but they also face the pressure of maintaining their reputation and securing future work. They know that their performance at the castings will directly impact their careers, and they are determined to put their best foot forward.

In conclusion, the RVAFW castings are a crucial event for both new and established models in Richmond, Virginia. They represent a unique opportunity to showcase their talent and make a name for themselves in the industry. The models are eager and determined to give their best performance and leave a lasting impression on the casting panel.