Video by Noel Calubaquib, Interviews by Yelena Scheidler

DC Swim Week  brought heat to Washington DC after 2 years of pandemic.  Though residing in Miami and taking lead at Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week, Moh Ducis, founder and CEO of DC Swim Week opened up about his passion to bring DC to the forefront of fashion and all the possibilities.  The designers brought so much vibrancy, sparkle, and sass to the runway.  Some of the designers included: Makai Swim, Hamade Activewear, Nzinga Swim, MM&M Swim, Amarotto Swimwear, Banana Moon, Cioccolato Couture, and more.

Video by Maher Ibrahim

The models were served with a magic touch by Axel Vasquez and his team of Axel Pro artists, who created a French-inspired glam on each model,  providing a uniform, classic beauty with matte red lip, dewey skin, and lightly defined eyes.  All products were by Axel Beauty, ensuring long hours of beautiful wear. Axel is a star from TV Show American Beauty Star, and owner of Axel Makeup Academy, who is spicing up Washington DC on 11/7/22 by bringing the legendary celebrity makeup artist whose art is responsible for all of Jennifer Lopez looks – Scott Barnes.

Sarah of Axel Makeup Academy creating a beautiful canvas before focusing on the details of the model’s look.  Photography by Vithaya Phongsavan.

Photography by Vithaya Phongsavan.