Video by Noel Calubaquib

Dash Talents team landed in New Orleans on January 12 to take part in Miss Universe 2023 alongside Jojo Bragais, the sponsor and designer of the official Miss Universe shoes, and his team.  Before diving into the world of Miss Universe, we planned to experience the traditional New Orleans food at Brennan’s, the famous restaurant known for its authentic Creole Cuisine.  However, something even more exciting came along.  Upon entrance into Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown New Orleans, which has been housing Miss Universe contestants, we were greeted by Eric Scott, who is part of the Jojo Bragais shoes team.  He greeted us warmly and invited us to take part in the Miss Philippines photoshoot featuring Jojo Bragais shoes.  The change of plans was an easy decision as we came to support the team and the Miss Universe organization.  A quick restaurant cancellation later, we made our way to the ballroom to prep for the photoshoot.  There were fans who traveled from all over the world, lined up waiting on the beautiful Miss PhilippinesCeleste Cortesi.  Check out our experience!


Miss Philippines Celeste Cortesi, glammed by the Miss Universe sponsor MUBA, strikes a pose.

Jojo Bragais and his close team, including the international pageant coach Jan Quijano, were prepping for the photoshoot, adjusting the gown and selecting shoes.

Jojo Bragais introduced a brand new design of Miss Universe shoes named Maureen. The theme of this design is inclusivity.  These shoes come in a variety of nude colors to match all skin tones, and of course our favorite color, silver.

With limited time to spare, Jojo Bragais and his team were preparing photoshoot concept, planned for a huge publication.  We wish we could tell you more, but you need to wait and see.

Celeste made the shoot vision come true.  She was dressed in a gown created by a young Filipino designer.  Jojo Bragais is all about giving young talent an opportunity.

The photographer behind the photoshoot was Dion Trinidad.  His work has been seen in many major publications, such as Vogue.  Hint Hint!

Videographer was Sam Morales, while Dion directed the vision and took photos.  Of course our creative director Noel Calubaquib captured his signature shot as well!

One of the photo and video shoot concepts included Celeste being surrounded by fans and paparazzi.

Noel Calubaquib was part of the shoot too!

Team work makes dream work!

Our PR director Yelena Scheidler posed with  Jojo Bragais after helping with the beautiful shoot.

As a pleasant surprise we bumped into Tony Smith, National Director for Miss Bahamas Universe.

Holly of VIP Pageantry has been a ray of light for us every time we bumped into her, which lucky for us has been often.

After a beautiful evening with of photoshoots, we still made it out to the legendary Bourbon Street to get a taste of New Orleans.  Check out our experience so far.

Stay tuned for the Miss Universe event coverage by Dash Talents next.