Have you ever wondered how your child could pursue a modeling career? Every child possesses unique beauty and charm, and with the right opportunities, they could potentially thrive in the industry. The challenge lies in how to ensure your child’s portfolio reaches the right agencies. However, there’s always the question of whether your child’s portfolio is strong enough to stand out.

This is where Dash Talents steps in. While we can’t guarantee that your child will secure a modeling contract or become a professional model, we can assure you that we will create the best possible portfolio for your child, and ensure it reaches the right agencies for consideration. We do not have control over agency decisions, but we can ensure that your child’s portfolio is presented to the decision-makers.

(This program is for ages 5 to 14 years old)

The Plan

Career Training

Step 1: Once you enroll, an agent will contact you to schedule a 1-ON-1 video call to complete this process.


Parents will gain crucial insights into the modeling industry as they await their child’s portfolio completion. Career training, conducted through personalized one-on-one sessions with our model coaches (who also manage placements and bookings for professional models) is offered.

Feel free to ask any questions about your child’s modeling journey during these sessions. An open-minded approach is encouraged, as we value providing honest advice over making false promises. We share the same goal: maximizing your child’s success in the industry.

Portfolio Shoot

Step 2: The model will be scheduled come to our studio located in Manassas, VA for a photoshoot to create their portfolio.


Our aim is to craft a standout portfolio for your child—one that catches the eyes of modeling agencies. When we capture your kid’s photos, we are all about purpose. We carefully curate each image to ensure it enhances the overall quality of their portfolio.

But that’s not all we offer!

During the photoshoot, we provide valuable “photo direction.” This means we guide your child on how to strike the perfect pose for every shot and offer coaching along the way. Poses become valuable assets for landing future modeling gigs. Our goal is to equip your child with the skills and portfolio that agencies would want and need.

Agency Pitch

Step 3: We will then pitch the curated portfolio to agencies leveraging our connections in the modeling industry.


Finally, the most crucial step in this journey is getting your child’s portfolio into the hands of those who make the decisions. While we can’t promise agency representation or bookings, we can assure you that your child’s modeling portfolio will be evaluated by scouts from about 5 to 10 different agencies, potentially opening doors for them to be noticed and signed. Furthermore, your child’s portfolio will be added to our Talent roster, which means they may be considered for jobs and bookings specifically seeking young talents.

Price: $2,500 + tax


Please note that this is a paid service.  Dash Talents does not charge any model to be signed by Dash Talents. Any agencies who charges any amount of money for the model to be signed is a scam.  Enrolling to our program will not guarantee your child to be signed by Dash Talents.