Video by Noel Calubaquib, interview and article by Yelena Scheidler 

Dash Talents was honored to step into the beautiful home of Dahlia Mahmood of Dahlia Design LLC, who is one of the top influential interior designers and builders in the WORLD.  Creating dream homes, palaces, and even museums for celebrities, pro athletes, royalty, and more, Dahlia has accumulated a number of national and international awards for her unmatched work and ethic.  While adding a touch of glam to everything around her, she brings a lot of heart too.  And it is Dahlia’s heart that sets her far apart.

Yelena Scheidler sat down with Dahlia for a heart to heart interview.  To witness such success  unfold, we couldn’t help but wish to learn where this talent began, and what continues to be the driving force behind each masterpiece Dahlia and her team create.  This is an exceptional inspirational story that every adult and child should hear.

Born in sunny California, Dahlia was inspired by her regular trips to Disney World, paying attention to all the beautiful details and the magical environments that Walt Disney created. At the age 5, Dahlia recognized her passion for interior design, and her world changed.  “Mom, be prepared, I’m going to be a famous interior designer” she said.  Being the first generation born in the United States to a family of royal ancestry, who came from Iraq to pursue higher education, childhood was not a walk in the park.  She had to learn early on in life to be independent and work hard for her dreams.  Strong women were her driving force.

With determination to succeed, Dahlia launched Dahlia Design at age 17. Her first celebrity client was Chris Tucker, who then introduced her to many other celebrity friends, such as Michael Jackson. Soon Dahlia began working with royalty and other powerful clients.


Portrait by Noel Calubaquib, makeup by Yelena Scheidler 

Dahlia posed next to Domenico Camniti, president of iDOGI as she won the prestigious international iDOGI award among thousands of interior designer applicants, making her the most influential designer in the world.


Caron Butler, NBA champion and assistant coach of Miami Heat, is Dahlia’s long time client of 6 home masterpiece projects.


Dahlia has worked on some of the most visible projects under the greatest of pressure, such as designing Saudi King Abdullah’s Cultural Hall and Museum in Northern Virginia.  What an accomplishment to be chosen out of so many designers, an American-born Iraqi woman, to capture the king’s legacy before his death.  At the same time, her passion are God’s children, and she has created some of the most magical bedrooms and nurseries in the world.

After speaking with Dahlia Mahmood, we are certain that she will make history, already has.  There is no doubt.  All her life, she was told that her dreams were not valid, based on her last name.  But with hard work, determination, and respect, Dahlia far surpassed all expectations, and now she wants to empower other Arab-American women like her to follow their vision, to believe in themselves, and to not give up.  She was faced with the deepest of challenges, and yet here she is.  Please visit and @dahliadesignllc on Instagram for further inspiration.